Choco Kebab: One For The Girls After a Night Out

Choco Kebab has finally hit the UK market, this means those last-stop-before-home kebab shops can now offer consumers chocolate kebabs.
The product by A1 Equipment was launched this past week at Hotelympia, the UK’s largest exhibition in food-service and hospitality. Now females in the UK have more post-club food choice… at last.

The kebab-like shaped chocolate is slivered off into a crepe like shell. The chocolate is then “combined with whipped cream, creamy custard, ice cream, chantilly cream, various fruit creams, coffee, mint, coconut, and lemon and the garnished with almond and hazelnut chips or simple sprinkle of icing sugar in powder to revolution and conquer the senses” says A1 Equipment.  No need for ladies to settle with “just chips” while their male friends inhale a kebab.

Jessica, from London, sums it up for Guestaurant “I am banking on a successful uptake of Choco Kebabs but just how many weekends will I have to wait to get one in my neighborhood…that is my big question!”